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Re: demise of the Templars???

At 08:22 PM 15/02/02 -1000, Kevin wrote:
>[...]and a shot of the alleged Templar/Masonic initiation, it
>has the Templar William St. Clair's tombstone. Has anyone seen this and can
>verify what and which William is shown?

G'day Kevin,

I can only verify that I have seen the stone.  
Just _which_ William is beyond my capabilities to prove.   
It has the floriated cross with an accompanying sword parallel to it.  
The stone is mounted on a very recent base, which I am pretty certain 
Niven arranged, to preserve it more effectively. Perhaps Niven may
comment on this now that he is back from his trip abroad.

There is a much clearer photo, and a later detail shot (both by Michael 
Green), in Tim's book "The Templar Legacy & The Masonic Inheritance 
Within Rosslyn Chapel."
The same photo is also on the back cover of the book.  It is captioned as:
"Gravestone of Sir William de Sinncler".
Tim may also be able to shed some light on which William it refers to.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia