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Re: demise of the Templars???

Ricka and Kevin,
    The burial stone that you are referring to lies against the north
wall of the Chapel (northwest corner near the Caithness Tomb) in the
north aisle. A rubbing of the incised slab is featured on the cover of
Andrew's "The Sword and the Grail."  I cannot "verify what and which
William is shown," but according to the current guidebook for the
Chapel, it is the burial stone of the William St Clair who died in
Spain in 1330 while attempting to escourt the heart of Robert the
Bruce to the Holy Land.   According to Thompson's Guide, the burial
stone along with others were found in the burying ground of the old St
Matthew's Church on the hillside below the Chapel.  For years the
burial stone was used as a decorative device over the inside of the
gate in the north wall of the Chapel grounds.


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it has the Templar William St. Clair's tombstone. Has anyone seen this
and can verify what and which William is shown?
Take care, Kevin

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