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demise of the Templars???

Dear cousins,
    While reading 'The Forgotten Monarchy of Scotland" recently I found on
page 94 information that says the Templars were in England up to 1545 when
King Henry VIII dissolved them.  They complied but took a last shot at Henry
by sinking his flagship 'Mary Rose"  The author, Prince Michael of Albany,
claims that this  is the reason there were no English knights to help the
knights under siege at Malta.
   Then on pages 116-119 he continues saying that from "1488 the Knights
Templar and Hospitallers were administratively conjoined in Scotland under
the jurisdiction of the Grand Preceptor of the Hospital and Temple."
   Then in 1560 the Scottish three Estates Parliament said that any
Chivalric Order associated with the Pope had to be disbanded and their lands
taken by the state.
Much more explanation follows about the political events during Mary Queen
of Scots time.  Then the Knights Templar were led by David Seton (who was a
relative of one of the 4 Maries that went with Mary Queen of Scots to France
1548 and back).  Then David Seton reconstituted the Scottish Order under a
new identity: the Order of the Knights Templars of St. Anthony.  He changed
the 'Cross Pate' to the "Tau" symbol, the Cross of St. Anthony.
    The author claims that from 1590 King James VI made two grants to these
new Templars and required that to found an operative hospital and a chapel,
monastery and hospital at Leith.  This was founded in 1614 and was called
"King James' Hospital', etc.
     Next paragraph deals with speculative Freemasons and operative
stonemasons.  ---King James VI became a speculative Freemason at the Lodge
of Perth and Scone in 1601 and then brought this concept to England when he
became king there.  This organization gave him political friends and backing
to offset the unfriendly Parliament.

Now I expect there will be those who will attack the theories of the
author's ancestry.  That is not the point here.  Above seem to be references
to actual historical events.  Let's deal with the truth or untruth of these
statements that seem to indicate the Templars lived on after 1312.