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Re: demise of the Templars???

Dear Sinclair,

Your comments of late have been very good and informative. I find you a
wellspring of historical knowledge of accurate facts. I have disagreed with
your cynicism in the past, but you have improved recently. Obviously when
you say that the Templars were given "King Solomon's Temple" by Baldwin I
(Baudoin I), you refer to the area on which it once stood on which a
structure was built, for I know that you realize that King Solomon's
original Temple was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzer II in 586 BC, and tthat
Herod's Temple, built in 516 BC, which was in use during the time of Christ,
and of slightly different architecture, was ravaged and desolated by Titus
and his band in 70 AD.

Of course it is well known that the Templars and the Hospittalers are two
dofferent orders, but I still see much evidence that the reincarnation of
the Templars is a very real continuation of this order after the
suppression. Though I count four groups who claim that they are the true
Templars, only one really is. You with all your knowledge could research the
facts and see that this as a reality.

Your comments on the pope releasing a vow to God are right on target.

Stan St. Clair
Georgia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair USA

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>The Templars and the Hospitallers are two different orders. The
>of St. John of Jerusalem are today known as the Knights of Malta. It can be
>argued that they were and are the most important of all the military

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