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Re: demise of the Templars???

Thanks a lot for postinng this website. Although it has brought out little
if any information that I was not aware of, it shows an interesting
timeline. I hope you get a lot of reaction to this. I not only saved the
picture of Rosslyn, but the sketch of William, last grandmaster as well.
With so many famous Williams in our past, is it any wonder that the name has
been a familiar one to more recent generations of St. Clairs and Sinclairs?
My great-great grand father, and his father both bore the name, and the
former married a direct descendant of the royal lines.

Thanks again,

Stan St. Clair
Georgia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair, USA

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Subject: Re: demise of the Templars???

>I've found the "Forgotten Monarchy" to be a weak reed to cling to in
>matters and should approached with caution. He also states on page 150 that
>Hugues de Crecy led 432 Templars at Bannockburn.
>However, this site proves interesting:

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