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Re: New Study Centre opening soon

Dear Friends,

A new Research and Study Centre with an emphasis on Norman and Medieval
studies will be opened at St Clair-sur-Epte in Normany early this summer. It
will be dedicated to accurate research based firmly upon archival and
archaeological sources and will be open to historians, both amateur and
prfessional of every nationality. I have the honour of being appointed as
its director and will be delighted to welcomehistoirnas, students,  members
of this list and anyone of Norman ancestry.

While this new facility will be of enormous use to people tracing their
family origins, it is primarily devoted to a search for historical truth and
rational speculation based upon thaat. We shall be publishing journals and
reports on a regular basis as wellas organising lecturess, seminars,
confereces and ddebates on a variety of historical themes. Debate,
discussion and peer-group review is regarded as an essential tool to further
our work.

I will keep you all posted as we progress. At the moment the building
housing the centre is under reconstruction and I will be moving permanently
to France as soon as my accomodation is ready and my affairs in England are

Further information is posted at:


This web-site will be updated every seven to ten days between now and the
offical opening.

Watch this space.

Best wishes