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Re: Death of John Archie St. Clair

Please convey my sympathy to those you do see.  I never had the pleasure of
spending time with that branch as we are doubly related (St. Clairs and
Pattersons).  If you see William Sanders please give him my love.  We worked
for so many years on the Robert Jr. book which should have been published by

I would like for you to try to find out if the Morris and Graham lines in
your branch trace back to the early ones that came over from Scotland.  My
branch also has a Graham line and Isaac's has a Morris and Patterson line
also.  Still much to be done.
God bless!

If you get a copy of the obituary, I would appreciate a copy.  Thanks.

Timberly, Steve, & John, who descended from Alexander Sinkler to know of the
death yesterday, 1 February 2002 of my uncle, John Archie St. Clair. He was
the last of the children of Archie Morris and Lula Graham St. Clair. He was
a World War II vet, having served in Germany, and a retired employee of Coca
Cola. He passed away at his Home in Lafayettte, Montgomery County, Virginia
after coming home from the hospital. He is survived by his spouse, Toy
Earley St. Clair, two daughters, and two grandchildren. He was 84.

Rhonda and I will be going up for the funeral