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Outsource Consult

Outsource Consult is now operating most successfully in Cape Town and Johannesburg, after a two year trial period.
The consulting service that we offer is a non-labour broker, operated
in a sophisticated service enviroment. No  LRA, SDL, UIF, RSC, AA, BCE, PAYE, SITE , WCA or other cumbersome 
and costly HR\Payroll admin applies. Services are purchased by the hour, and admin and admin costs are outsourced - 
the client pays one cheque per month.
Exit or termination periods can be as short as one week.
We can offer Consulting Services in ;
Financial Control & Administration
Financial Management
Receivables controls and action plans
Some areas of IT ( including Project Management)
HR and HR administration incl Payroll and compliance
Marketing & Sales,
Within one year we may well be close to offering strong consulting inputs on a company wide basis, 
giving us a wide - aggregate skill basis to provide overall strategic consulting.
We offer a no cost initial consultation, a  quote for the term of the
project, and the lowest cost structure enviroment that exists- which cost savings are passed to you. Typically for instance high 
calibre consulting inputs for the first two categories start at R 200 + Vat p\hr, while an action plan on receivables can start at R 60 + Vat.
Compare these prices with any competitor!
If you would like to try our consulting - just give me a personal call at
(021)557 6438 - and we'll have someone with you within a day. 
 Mark Anderson.
Tel:  + 27 21 557 6438
Fax: + 27 21 557 6434
Website:  users.iafrica.com/a/an/andwhit