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Re: The 14 Points - No 3

Ah Henry:
Master of short schrift!  Ouch!

But, I'm afraid ya hafta do a little better than "balderdash!" as an
Actually, you don't have to do anything if ya don't want to,
Ye'll just have to do better if you want to bring folks along for your ride,
which, indeed you may not want to do either.
In which case, why are we on this list?

I was so looking forward to a new take on the issues that have been bandied
about as of late...... but,  well, I shouldn't get too worked up over small
disappointments.    So, if life ends up being only a series of such small
disappointments,  then maybe it ain't so bad.

I am off to be a grandfather,  ie cook and clean for two weeks in Field BC
for a newborn adopted grandson and mom and dad.  Won't be able to stay tuned
for the rest of Henry's refutations  as I will have to unsubcribe shortly.
I was concerned that I might be missing something of "great pitch and
moment"... but after the Zeno Map "refutation",  maybe there will not be a
lot to miss after all.

Best wishes to all.
You too Henry!

Rory in Toronto.

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> Proof 3:
> 'For the next several centuries the Zeno map was used
> by such well-known cartographers as Ruscelli (in
> 1561), Mercator (in 1569) and Ortelius (in 1574).'

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