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Re: Prince?

John wrote "...Does it perhaps say that a prince is someone who governs a
land, or province?"

"princeps, -is 1 de eo qui regnum, terram, provinciam gubernat a nude b
 c.gen. 2 de magnatibus, proceres a nude b c.gen. 3 i.q. auctor a de Deo,
 (princeps summus = deus Gertz S 70, 11) ; b de rebus humanis; principes
 celestes = angeli et sancti''

My translation assumes Church not vulgar Latin.  The definition translates

Leader, he/she steers the province . he/she there (in the province) is able
to  be about  royal power,- the land. the nobless  .2 about the great men.
the same 3. Q. the dispenser of God,( the highest leader= deus Gertz the S
the 70, 11); b in  human affairs; the divine leaders = the angels and the

a nude, bc gen indicate the word root.

I add;  'Visine scire quod credium? Credo orbes volantes exsitare. Die dulci
fruere.'       Translation 'Do you know what I think? I think thay flying
saucers are real.Have a nice day.

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