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Re: Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt

Dear Neil

There is not much doubt that Henry went to America but what lasting effect
did his voyage have?

As you point out "Norsemen had been crossing the Atlantic for at least 4
centuries" However the Newport Tower predated Henry's visit and was
apparently built over two summers.  Redwood  Library 50 Bellevue Avenue
Newport, Rhode Island   02840   USA     Tel (401) 847-0292  has compiled
over one hundred theories on who built the tower. There are Norse Theory,
Colonial and/or Arnold Theory and many additional theories.  Some even claim
the  Portuguese built it.

I am unfamiliar with the Zeno map.  I know of Pope Urban' s map.  I would
like to see some documentation, that was reliable, on this map. The Zeno
Narritive was not written until 200 years after Henry's visit. 200 years
causes a lot of distortion.

The Westford Knight is one more source of great debate.  Is it a knight? Is
it ice scratches in a rock? It is the prank of some 19 century lads? You see
what you want to see.

Frederick Pohl's book, while interesting and amusing can not be taken very

Personal observation is looking back 700 years.

Henry's Nova Scotia colony had no lasting effect. It failed.

I have sent this morning 8 faxed copies.of Mrs Roads letter. Some are
interested in historical accuracy.

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