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Re: Castle Mey Picture

At 01:12 AM 21/01/02 -0500, Wanda wrote:
>Does anyone have a good picture of the Castle Mey that I might have in 
>jpeg format?

G'day Wanda,

Herewith some websites concerning Barrogill Castle:





Unfortunately though, I couldn't find a piccy on any one of them!
I even checked some of my books to no avail.
Maybe some of the others on this list may be able to access something for you.

Also found this whilst searching:


(Bu 1/2          11.3.1827    Letter from [F.H. Sinclair] Countess of
Barrogill Castle, Thurso, Caithness, Scotland, to A. Buchanan; 11 Mar 1827)
The University of Nottingham Library Manuscripts & Special Collections.

it may be of interest to Clan members.


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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