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RE: The Grail & the 12 Tribes and an opinion

Not knowing much about the ten lost tribes of Israel, despite being raised a
ministers son, I went in search of information on the subject. Amazingly
there are several million sites that show up on AltaVista search engine!
Wow! Any ways I did find a site with a fairly good over view of the history
and theories of the lost tribes.
It may be a good place to start for those of us who need to catch up with
this particular line of discussion.

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	Rory your interactions are hard to beat. More or less? In my view
	somewhat limited experience in geneology, I find that  researching
	recognising  relatives and their relatives is actually making more
of it!!
	and the thrill of the chase. I also enjoy the human interest
diversion, say
	in an airport or in a cab & someone says, "oh, you come from such &
	you must know Joe Bloggs". Sometimes I actually do. Being a member
of the
	Sinclair clan in Australia it has been relatively easy to be able to
	identify people others in the clan ask about, especially relatives,
but when
	I met so many Sinclairs from around the rest of the world, it was
great to
	have just one or two incidences of Australians (not clan members)
	knowing Sinclairs overseas. I agree though, it is more often likely
to be
	mathematical chance or of course the fact that like attracts like
and if
	people share the same interests particularly in a small country like
	Australia its more likely that you will attend some function and
will always
	know a few faces. Will I recognise yours? Annette
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	> Dear Annette:
	> Well, the 6 degrees of separation thing I enjoy immensely as it
	> Depending on my state of mind, I sometimes think that it is just
	> mathematical chance (much like the well-known mathematical fact
that if

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