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RE: Change of subject

'Bob's your uncle' is used a lot here in kiwiland and is one of those
extremely useful phrases that can be used in numerous situations.  I
hesitate to define it exactly, it is one of those phrases that depends a lot
on the context in which it used. It can certainly imply an easy solution but
it isn't necessarily so that the solution is easy.  'There you go' or 'there
you are' is sort of similar to 'Bob's your uncle'.  Another expression which
is similar in certain contexts is "Bingo".  "A piece of cake" can be similar
in context.


"how do I get to this address?"  "Go down that street, across the bridge,
turn left at the 2nd intersection, turn right at the 3rd intersection, up
the set of steps in front of you, go back 100 yards then down the next of
steps, across the 2nd bridge over the river, and look for #167 in the next
street on the right and "Bob's your uncle"

Sometimes you might hear "Bob's your auntie" which I have occasionally heard
as a kind of reverse "Bob's your uncle", as an ironic conclusion to a joke
solution that is obviously no solution at all, ie not a serious solution.

If the two protagonists in the recent spat would only refrain from upsetting
each other so they can be reinstated on the list for our continued enjoyment
of their usually enlightening input, then Bob's your uncle.


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> Dearest Family, It seems that since we have returned to Virginia some of
> my 
> language has become very puzzling to my husband.  For example the other
> night 
> I said "Bob's your uncle" meaning that it was simple or easy to do or 

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