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Re: The Grail & the 12 Tribes


It seems that Judy and I stirred up some interest, Which is what I hoped
wouold happen. Of cource you are right, as well as others who commented. It
has been well stated, "We all have many sires". As for the origin of the
twelve tribes, they are from the 12 sons of Jacob, or Isreal. Actually,
Joseph had two tribes attributed to him, Ephriam and Manassah. During the
reighn of Reoboam (circa 928-911 B.C.)  Only Judah and Benjamin retained the
identity of Judah, from which we derive the term "Jew". The othter tribes
seemed to vanish. Many legends exist about what happened to the other
tribes. There are, however signs of their decendants' presence in areas of
Europe.During the Middle Ages many scholars made attempts to identify them,
with many varying results. The ancient Trojans claimed to be descendants of
Isreal. There is evidence of their migration to Denmark and other parts of
Scandinavia. Eventually, many of these became the ancestors of the Scottish
and Brittish peoples.

The Grail remains a topic which will never be completely sure either, it

Hope this helped some.


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Subject: The Grail & the 12 Tribes

>These two subjects are something whose true facts are lost simply
>because it has been a very long time since they may have been.
>What are the origins of the Twelve Tribes?  The Eleven are so difused
>today, that it is difficult to divide them out and group them according
>to tribe. Yes names, but that is like saying that I am only a Sinclair.

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