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Re: The Grail & the 12 Tribes and an opinion

Dear all:
Some of these calculations are related to the problem:
If you take a piece of paper and fold it 50 times,  how high will it be?
The answer is that it would stretch to the moon and back.

I understand that all people on earth, no matter the colour of their skin or
where they currently reside are 52nd cousins.
All people who have called the British Isles home for more than a century
are 12th cousins.

This, or very close to this, is from the introductory blurb of the Ontario
Genealogical Society.

A way to make astronomic numbers more or less understandable.
On another matter:
It is truly unfortunate--- this recent contretemps.
But let this be a lesson to us all.  There are some things that are worth
getting really angry about::
injustice, racism, murder, ethnic cleansing....   but whether or not Henry
Sinclair was a Prince or was not a Prince is not on my angry list.  I am
passionately curious about Sinclair history ...  I love a good debate and
healthy discussion. I do not enjoy debates that slip over the border and
become personalized. Indeed I felt the heat and stayed out of it.  People
should stay out of a debate because they have nothing to add, not because
they are afraid of the heat .
It must pain you John to have to referee the water pistol fights  but you
have done absolutely the right thing.
Let us go forward and sin no more.

Rory in Toronto.

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