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Re: The Grail & the 12 Tribes

Del Purdie, member of Clan Bell Australia-New Zealand came up with the
following numbers:

2 Parents
4 grandparents
8 g grandparents
16 gg grandparents
32 ggg grandparents
64 gggg grandparents
128 ggggg grandparents
256 gggggg grandparents
512 ggggggg grandparents
1,024 gggggggg grandparents
2,048 ggggggggg grandparents
4.096 gggggggggg grandparents
8,192 ggggggggggg grandparents
16,384 gggggggggggg grandparents
32,768 ggggggggggggg grandparents
65,536 gggggggggggggg grandparents
131,072 ggggggggggggggg grandparents
262,144 gggggggggggggggg grandparents
524,288 ggggggggggggggggg grandparents
1,048,576 gggggggggggggggggg grandparents
2,097,152 ggggggggggggggggggg grandparents

These numbers  show that if you go back 20 generations, over 1 million
people at that time (around 1500, using 25 years as a generation)
were beginning the production of each of us.  Of course, this
mathematical model is not entirely accurate, but it certainly points
out that we all descend from and through a whole lot of people.


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Many many genealogists use 25 years instead of 40 years which really
increases the mix.

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