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Re: 12 tribes

Dear Jeff,

Indeed, All I care about is truth. That is why I continue to read and study
various beliefs. I am currently reading "Holy Blood, Holy Grail", after I
have read around it and about it for months. After I finish this, I plan on
reading "Rex Deus". Many have similar views on parts of this, but very
different on others. I want to study all of the facts, and the beliefs, and
decide for myself what to believe. It has been suggested that surely enough,
the Grail was not the cup itself, but something else entirely.

So far I believe that there is overwhelming evidence that the Templars
continued to exist after the suppression, and that several groups CLAIMED to
be the remnant, but only one really is, most likely the Masonic Rite. I also
believe that there is a group which descended from Israelites which are of
the European royal lineage, some of which claim to be the Guardians of the
Grail, whatever it may be. I happen to be of the lineage in question. That
is one reason this is bugging me. I will continue to read.

As always,


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>Dear Stanley & Judy:
>The big questions must begin with this one:  What IS the Grail?
>Is it the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper?  Is it the cup that was used

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