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Re: Announcement

>Thank you John,
>That needed to be said, unfortunately, when in pursuit of knowledge, some
>individuals, are lacking a little tact and diplomacy, one hopes that they
>will acquire this in time.

I would hope this wouldn't need saying, but my comment was meant as a
compliment to Laurel, and not as a slur on anyone else.

It is one of the best features of an electronic discussion list such
as this one that it can connect people of very disparate backgrounds
and temperaments.  One person's tact may be another person's insult.
One person's search for truth may be another person's effrontery.  One
person's plain speech may be another person's insultingly big words.
Etc.  Yet we can still communicate if we choose to do so.

No doubt we all can learn from one another.

>yours Aye
>Ian of Noss Head

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>

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>> Over the past few years Laurel has contributed as much as anyone to
>> education about Sinclairs and history.  She has delved into areas
>> that few had previously explored, and organized areas that had not
>> previously been visible.  She has done all this with good grace
>> and spirit.  Nobody's perfect, but she has responded to criticism

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