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Rowan Shared by Ivan of Trafalgar

       Dear Cousins,

       I had shared much of the discussion of the Rowan tree with a friend of 
Scottish descent.  I rec'd this today.  Thought it might be of interest.  I 
still have not learned what it might have to do with Christmas.

       Yours Aye,  Ivan of Trafalgar


The book I was reading on the rowan tree was the Country Diary of Garden 
Lore. It says that the Rowan was always considered a magic tree, and 
particularly in Scotland there would be a branch in every home to keep away 
witches. Also gave a recipe for crabapple and Rowanberry jelly to be eaten 
in the fall with a stubble goose. The book is a companion to the book 
Cattern Cakes and Lace, which has recipes and customs for every month of the 
year.  I reread it all the time.

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