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Re: Special Christmas Message from Noss Head

Dear Ian of Noss Head,
	You won't know me from Adam, but many years ago I spent long 
hours wandering around Noss Head, Castle Haven etc. as a young Ph.D. 
candidate in geology,  studying the rocks from Ackergill  south to 
Ackergill. In later years I have taken geological field trips to 
Wick, Girnigoe, Duncansby etc. and have published widely on the 
geology of Caithness. My earliest paper described the geology of the 
gorge of the Thurso river at Dirlot; wistful memories of that little 
castle of the Gunns!
	Anyway, would you like copies of my papers on the geology of 
Sinclair home base for your library (not a huge collection - probably 
occupies no more than a couple of cms of shelf space)? If so, what is 
your mailing address please.
	Although I have no genetic connections to the Sinclairs, they 
have always been somewhere lurking in the background of my life. Each 
year I bring a group of students to Edinburgh - our final field trip 
is to Rosslyn Chapel, a place that has always captivated my 
imagination. My wife loves the place too - our dining room is full of 
memorabilia; prints, sculptures etc. In fact we refer to it as "the 
Sinclair Room".
At the moment I am preparing a new course on the environment, to be 
taught at the Columba 1400 Centre on Skye; one of the lectures will 
feature John Sinclair of Ulbster and his vision of agricultural 
development in the Highlands - would that all landowners had been 
blessed with his insights and compassion.
	Hope to hear from you - have a pleasant new year.


Nowell Donovan,
C. B. Moncrief Chair of Geology,
Geology Department
Texas Christian University,
Fort Worth,
Texas 76129

Dr. R. Nowell Donovan
Moncrief Chair of Geology             |Voice (817) 257-7270
Department of Geology                 |FAX   (817) 257-7789
TCU Box 298830
Texas Christian University
Fort Worth, TX 76129

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