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Commonwealth graves in France

 Dear Laurel,

 There are over half a million commonwealth graves in France alone. Hundreds
 of Sinclair's among them. When you travel up through the Somme, front
 there are so many Memorial sites sprawled across the fields on Farms and
 beside the motorways that it leaves you feeling ill. They now plant sugar
 beet crops in the blooded soils of the fallen. Each row upon row of head
 stones have thin gardens in front with roses and other varieties of
 all beautifully trimmed and kept. The lawns are immaculately rolled and cut
 and edgings cut perfectly. The sites are better kept than the average town
 park. One small Memorial site that we visited had only about 35 graves and
 there was no book to look up the names so I looked at all of them to see if
 there were any Sinclair's there. All 35 were simply stamped "A Fallen
 Soldier". They were someone's Son's, but who's, we will never know.

 Many of the towns in the areas have cafes and bars with war memorabilia and
 photo's lining the walls.The town of Ovillers remembers the Aussies with
 shop display dummies in full Australian military uniforms in the streets
 a shop full of large B&W photo's of the boys. One Photo saddened me of 6
 Aussie men holding a large rough tin sign across them, which read " We want
 our Mum's"

 I could send you some photo's of Memorial sites if you would like them.
 are very impressive.

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