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Hello and LOL

Ah yes - Tim, I'm surprised that you have held onto such such "bon mots"
as stated by our presidents and congressional leaders, for us here they
are to be read and dropped into the trash.  To be plain, our foreign
policy zig zags from one extreme to another in the matter of hours.
Money seems to be the driver.  We have been propping up Argentina for
many years and still they have gone bankrupt.  Wasted money.

As for Sinclair - Are you listening?  A bad case of impatience!  Too bad
all those books that are stored cannot be brought to the farm and he
begins to put them away in some order so that he can find them.
Cataloguing will be a long and arduous task. Are the cigars holding
out?  You do get that far - into the tobac and the wine merchant?

I have a correction of my own - whisky instead of whiskey.  Whiskey in
America is the cheap stuff, whether bourbon, rye, scotch, gin, blended
or straight as in Southern Comfort. That makes me shudder to think of
it. Now "Whisky" is a lordly drink - the fruit of the distillers of
Scotland's art!  This is not my pronouncement, but of a Scottish
gentleman who evidently is a lover of such.  As a lover of bonded
Bourbon, there is much difference between the good and the bad Bourbon
as there is in good and bad Scotch.  Bonded Bourbon is drunk as you
would any liqueur - a little in the bottom of a glass, without any
adornment and sipped judiciously, not gulped like soda pop. And so it is
to drink good Scotch - judiciously.

As for poor Normandy's weather, sorry, old man, couldn't keep it
controlled over here, you know!  <grin>  We've been having a frightful
time here in Virginia. It snows in the mountains to the west of us and
then proceeds to dribble a little snow in Maryland and we pass the most
of it to you!  I am so frightfully sorry!  We could use some of that
moisture here and you don't need it there - maybe you could pass it on
and return it to us?

Gun Control - well, what is there to be said?  Somehow or another common
sense about guns kept by private citizens of America seems to be
lacking. Children, often fairly young children find where papa's gun is
kept, probably either in a dresser drawer or on the shelf of the closet
and play with it.  The children are curious, so they push and pull until
the safety is off and then "play guns" only it does not turn out the
same way as in the many TV programs, the dead and injured don't get up
and walk away unscathed.  Like any other commodity, guns are a lovely,
expensive toy for some. My son owns two, for what reason I cannot
fathom. He tells me that the big magnum is for 'defense' - only he is
never home.  So I expect it makes him 'feel strong'.  There is a beauty
in a weapon, whether the newest or the oldest. It is the way they are
made, you hold death in your hands. The idea of weight to be balanced as
it is fired.  Can the shooter hold it steady while shooting?  An art all
of its own. Some of the older guns with the designs cut into the metal,
beautiful. I believe the Luger had the ability to be either a hand gun
or a shoulder gun, by the addition of a stock.

Sinclair - I have it!  Put on your wellies and take a fast dog trot
around the farm each day, first in one direction and then in the other.
LOL!  Of course, start slowly, walk with a real stride around the house!
No strolling, mind you! And don't forget you warm up and cool down
stretches and exercises. <grin>  Sally (could join me and walk the mall
each morning!)

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