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I have just seen recordings of the BBC's "Blood of the Vikings" documentary.
There is a fascinating section on the BBC's website at :


It includes:

"Explore a map of the Vikings in Britain. Is there a conflict between what
history predicts and science says?
Trace the path of Viking religion, from Odin to Christ.
 Why did coins become king in the Viking world?
The role of women in the Viking world.
Spend a typical day down on a Viking farm.
Barry Ager reveals how Viking warfare led to a notorious reputation.
Gareth Williams from the British Museum investigates Viking evidence.
Let Gareth Williams introduce Eric Bloodaxe.
Unearth the Cuerdale hoard - the largest Viking hoard found outside Russia.
 Why did the Vikings undergo a revival during the Victorian era?
 Discover why the Vikings came to Britain.
 Alcuin of York provides an insight in Dark Age Britain.
 Discover why some of the Vikings decided to settle in Britain.
Explore the Viking legacy in Britain's words and places."

There is a multimedia section with:

"Take a COMPASS tour around the British Museum's collection of Viking

Take a tour of a 3-d reconstruction of a Viking-age farmhouse.

The Viking attack on Lindisfarne monastery in 793 is retold in this audio

Video shorts - Julian Richards discovers the Blood of the Vikings.

Explore the Viking legacy in a History trail."

It's a tremendous insight into our heritage.

Yours aye



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