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Looks like it was reclassified over the years

My newer book - since I am reminded that I am in error - I changed to a
newer book which lists the ash /Rowan as follows:
European Ash - Sorbus aucuparia  (Rowan) grows to 20-30 ft tall, max 50'

"Reddish leaves and vivid red fruit clusters in fall make this a
handsome specimum for lawns"  Zone of growth is zones 3 and 4  to - 40
deg F.- the most northern tier of states
American Ash - Sorbus americana grows to 20-30 ft tall.
"Up to 15 leaflets form compound leaves, late spring flowers are white"
Zone of growth is zones 3 and 4 - the most northern tier of states
Korean Ash - Sorbus alnifolia grows  to 25-35 ft tall (max 60)
"Produces many flowers that measure up to 1 in across. In fall leaves
turn orange to scarlet; berry clusters assume same colors. Bark is dark
gray and smooth."
Zone of growth zones 5 & 6 to -20 deg F
All of which means it wont do well in Virginia  south and westward.
Needs cold weather.  This citation comes from Reader's Digest
Illustrated Guide to Gardening. Still have to know the latin name to buy
the correct tree.
Hum - they do change classifications on the latin names and conditions
from time to time. I just read my older tree book, rather than a newer
gardening book. Sorry y'all. Sally

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