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Re: Henry Sinclair's 'voyage' to America

Dear Sinclair,
What a New Years resolution! What is left to discuss? In have truly enjoyed
reading the comments since being on the list. I try not to poke my nose in
when so many no more that I. I try to listen and learn. I am also reading
from other sources. I learned long ago that I had one mouth and two ears. I
also have two eyes. My dad had a "Motto" which I'm sure that he wished he
had always kept, "Think twice before speaking once."
I trust that 2002 will be replete with prolific topics to sharpen our minds
and  cause us to be better people. My dad, God rest his soul,
also told me that the St. Clairs (& Sinclairs) were a hard-working, proud
people. I have also found that to be a truism.
By the way, have you heard from Niven lately? I trust he is well.


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>Dear Henry Root
>You have invited comment. I make bold with my comments.  I have little, if
>any doubt, that Henry went to America, many did before him and many did
>after him. We all should grow up and face the glorious history of this

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