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Re: St. Clairs/ W.Va.

I ion't know but they should.  I could not do genealogy without a copy of
"The Handy Book for Genealogists" published by the Everton Press at my side.
It was a required book in the genealogy classes I taught at the college.  Do
you have a copy of the paperback ADDENDUM I published after the hardbound
book on our branch?  The Chronology for our Alexander and his descendants
noted the county changes within the original county which can also wreak

May you have a wonderful New Year.

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> Dear Jean, I meant to ask you if you think that all  the people who are
> looking for W.Va ancestors know that it was Virginia until the War Between
> the States?  I am not questioning anyones intelligence but I know that the
> teaching of American History has been sadly lacking in our schools for

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