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Re: Henry Sinclair's 'voyage' to America

Dear Henry Root

You have invited comment. I make bold with my comments.  I have little, if
any doubt, that Henry went to America, many did before him and many did
after him. We all should grow up and face the glorious history of this
family.  We should revel in the glory of our ancestors.  We should remember
that their glory is theirs alone. We should not wear other men's feathers.

Henry is no nonsense. He is an important historical character. We can find
the truth about him if we shine enough light on it. There are two kinds of
light. There is the glow that illuminates or the glare that obscures. If
enough people
think of a thing and work hard enough at finding the facts, I guess the
truth of the matter is pretty nearly bound to come out,  wind and weather

Help me. What is your definition of correct email? Today on 2 January 2002 I
will make a late New Years resolution. My resolution is to follow the
leader. I promise not to discuss religion, politics,sex or inaccurate
history.  Ok coach what should we enjoy now?

Unfortunately it is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favour of
vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.


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> I wholeheartedly agree!  :)
> Darwin

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