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Re: Knights Templar suppression

There is no doubt that the Templars were suppressed because by four
fifths majority vote, the Council of Vienne on March 22, 13 12
suppressed the order and shortly thereafter on April 3, Pope Clement
read his bull Vox in excelso that succeeded in dissolving the Order.
While there is ample evidence that the Order was brought to an end by
those for whom it served, there is very little evidence that the order
survived, albeit as a non-Church sanctioned order.
    There are many theories about what happened to the Templars
following proscription.  One is that Templarism lived on in Scotland.
Some believe that ex Templars helped Bruce at Bannockburn, but on what
basis is this notion advanced?  Others claim that the organization
lived on secretly until at least 1804  via the Charta Transmissionis
drawn up by a one Johannes Marcus Larmenius.  This document is
regarded in some circles as a clever forgery.  It is believed by at
least one modern order of Templars that recognize the Larmenius
Charter as the Scottish Templars, if there were any, were traitors to
the cause for fleeing France.  I have no particular leanings insofar
as my own thoughts on the matter.  I would like to know the truth so
if there is evidence out there that solidly connects Templarism with
the Sinclair's following suppression of the order, I would like to
learn about it.

Great Falls, Virginia
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Dear Tim:

How would a debate about the suppression of the Templars, or their
survival, "discredit Earl Henry St. Clair and all he achieved?"  Was

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