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Customer Service?

I received as a Christmas present last Friday, a reproduction of a Scottish 
Claymore. This is a 4ft. 6in. long broad sword. It was mailed to work since 
it could not fit in the mail box at home. Part of my job at work is to handle 
all customer assistance issues in three departments. I had just unpacked the 
sword and was polishing the blade, when a distraught lady came in to inquire 
about the charges on her bill. Her mood changed from madness to a wide eyed 
nervousness very quickly. We discussed her bill and adjusted it to her 
satisfaction, never looking at the sword. Although when she walked toward the 
door she asked about it and I explained it to her. She stated she was glad 
she didn't live in the 14th. century. So, should I keep it at home or at work?

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis