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Special Christmas Message from Noss Head

To all our friends in America, Australia, Canada, New-Zealand, and all parts of the globe, may we take this opportunity to thank you all for the support and encouragement you have given to us in the creation of the Clan Sinclair Study Centre, Niven Sinclair Library,
in Scotland.
It has at times been a worry that the progress we were making was a little slow, mainly because of the elements, but you can not fight the weather, and slow but sure, we are achieving our dream.
The work on the walled garden, that will eventfully become The Prince Henry St Clair, Garden of Remembrance, is under way, with the walls, having been pointed on the outside, the inside walls will be started when the weather permits.
Work on the 9ft statue of Prince Henry St Clair, that will be sited near the entrance to the walled garden, has progressed very well, thanks to our sculptor Shawn Williamson and his apprentices. It will be delivered up to the Study Centre after Christmas, Shawn, will then complete the finishing touches on site ready for the unveiling ceremony, later in the year.
We can now reveal to all, that another very important Noss Head project that Shawn is undertaking, is the construction of a scale model of King Solomon's Temple. 
Discussions and meetings are under way with the Masonic bodies, who will have an interest in such a project,

            We are going to set up a new Knights Templar Preceptory, of Research, at Noss Head, and convert one of the stables into the Preceptory meeting headquarters.
 The new Preceptory will be known as,The Prince Henry St Clair Preceptory, and will be a member of Militi Templi Scotia.
Chevalier Graham Grant, Baillie of the North, will assist and guide the Preceptor, Chevalier Ian Sinclair in the setting up of the new Preceptory, and taking in new Squires, both male and female.
More information on this subject in the New Year.

May we at Noss Head, wish each and every one of you, a special Christmas time greeting, and a happy and healthy New Year.

Yours Aye

Ian and Joan of Noss Head.

Major Ron and Lesley of Noss Head