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Apology to Mrs. Kyler

Reading Joe Erkes comments tonight 
re: sown dragons teeth (More Questions than 
Answers December 18th) has opened 
my eyes to something.

Joe writes from a point of strong opinion. 
His writing does not lack emotion, but it 
lacks the vindictive tone that many of 
the posts here have had. (I'm very guilty 
of contributing to that tone.) In the post 
of December 18th, the writers take 
strong stands and, though I agree with 
only one point of view expressed, I agree 
more with the way the points are argued. 
I think a discussion of a political nature 
has a place here when presented as this 
December 18 one is. And I believe the key 
ingredient of that tone is respect for 
differing opinions. Allowance for and even 
encouragement of differing opinions as 
long as respect follows it. 

On December 13th, Mrs. Kyler wrote "I realize 
that everyone everywhere was in 
some way affected by the events of 
Sept. 11, 2001, and have a right 
to their opinions, but enough 
is enough."

I must tell you that since that date, 
I, and probably others, have felt a 
need to "vent" opinions and take strong 
stands regarding all issues political, 
military, and national. Having few 
other methods for venting these feelings, 
this had become my outlet. It's been an 
emotional and very very difficult 3 months. 
I  live about 10 miles from the WTC and 
watched from a hilltop as it fell down 
with many of my neighbors inside. I 
drove right under the twin towers at 
2:00 a.m. the crystal clear night before 
they fell. Being so close 
to these events and seeing it in person 
makes theoretical discussion of it with 
folks who have the "wisdom" of distance 
especially difficult and annoying. 
More-so when I disagree strongly with 
some of the opinions expressed. 
But, while I don't believe there is wisdom 
in distance, I do believe there is objectivity 
in it. And there's a great advantage in 
being able to tap into that objectivity, 
even if we disagree, via lists like 
this one.

I appologize for my part in the tone 
of voice Mrs. Kyler. I suspect it was 
the tone that annoyed you most, 
and I encourage you to read the 
December 18th posts to see the 
value that a non-geneology discussion 
from a non-confrontational point 
of view can add to the list. 
I feel it adds a great deal. 

And I hope someone can explain what 
it means to sowe dragons teeth. 

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