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Re: John Walker

Dear Joe:
The Macallan 18 is indeed a fine dram but, in my opinion, not worth nearly
double the price of the 12 which is  my "comfort dram"   of choice.
Glendronach is a sassier version of the Macallan-- lottsa sherry.
Joe, if you're in Toronto,  I have a private bottling of 29 year old
Macallan--- quite a different thing altogether but recognizably the house
Then there is the 1928 and (I think) 1931 casks of Macallan that were
released last year -- appx 100 bottles per cask -- guess how much each went
for at auction.

look down for the answer while you guess....


13,000 pounds per bottle
-many bought by Sikh whiskey enthusiasts.

I did not buy one.

Rory in  Toronto

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