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Re: I need you

Sinclair, I did not think your ideas are anti-American. I know you have spent much time at the American Cemataries in Normandy where some of our young sons are at rest. While the world clamors for direct, absolute evidence on Osama's guilt, I'm sure it would put some of our coalition's inteligence systems and people at risk. I guess for me it boils down to, do I trust George W's adminstration? yes I do. I voted for him, I have read his father's letters, I watched every presidential debate and interveiw during the election fiasco that I could find. I do not always follow my country blindly. I never voted for Clinton. I did not beleive him. I was ashamed he was our leader for 8 long years. I watched Tony Blair and John Major on CSPAN to get my news in those years. Bush's cabinet members are mostly long time politicians from the Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Poppa Bush teams. I think they are working hard to do the right thing.

Thank you for your support of America both before and after 9/11. I always enjoy reading your thoughful posts.

Your cousin, Donald
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