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Re: RE:More Questions than Answers

At 10:40 AM 12/15/2001 +0100, Sinclair wrote:
>Richard wrote "I ask again--would it be an open, public trial which
>compromises the  sources of the proof against him"
>Free men do not hold secret trials!

Either you did not carefully read my hypothetical scenario or you have just 
condemned to death, without the benefit of any kind of trial, the source of 
the evidence against my alleged terrorist.

>I ask again "How do we demand  'a pound of flesh, but not one drop of
>blood'? How do we end the cycle of hate?

It is clear from the latest bin Laden tape, in which they sit around like 
little kids playing a prank and giggle about killing over 3,000 innocent 
people, that we cannot negotiate with or appease such evil people.  The 
only solution for the current batch of terrorists is to eliminate them. The 
next generation of terrorists, already being filled with hatred, is a much 
more difficult problem.  I do not pretend to know the answer to that.  At 
the very least, they must come to realize that they cannot achieve their 
goals by such means.

>How do we end demands for his or
>their release by fanatic supporters hijacking planes and committing further
>atrocities and trying to hold us to ransom?

I just heard a talking-head on TV suggest that the UK and French 
governments are hoping that bin Laden is killed or captured by the U.S. so 
that they won't have to deal with this problem.  I hope and believe that 
demands against the U.S. for his release would only be a short-term problem.


Richard Huseth

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