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Re: Date of sainthood?

Clair was never formally canonised.  Canonsation is in the province of The
Congregation of Rites winch grew out of the 25th Session of  Council of
Trent The regulations were progulalated by Bull of Our Most Holy Lord Pius
IV, by the providence of God, Pope, touching the confirmation of the
oecumenical (and) general Council of Trent    The congregations at first
established by Sixtus V (elected 24 April, 1585; crowned 1 May, 1585; died
in the Quirinal, 27 August, 1590) were officially designated as:

for Holy Inquisition;
for the Signature of Grace;
for the erection of churches and consistorial provisions;
for the abundance of supplies and prosperity of the Church's temporal
for sacred rites and ceremonies;
for equipping the fleet and maintaining it for the defence of the Church's
for an index of forbidden books;
for the execution and interpretation of the Council of Trent;
for relieving the ills of the States of the Church;
for the University of the Roman study (or school);
for regulations of religious orders;
for regulations of bishops and other prelates;
for taking care of roads, bridges, and waters;
for the Vatican printing-press;
for regulations of the affairs of the Church's temporal dominions.

Sixtus wrote  "Relatio RomanŠ CuriŠ forensis", without counting other
congregations of a lower order, consisting of prelates, as were, for
example, the "Congregatio baronum et montium" and the "Congregatio

before this the bishop of the diocese simply stated that a man was a Saint.


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