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Re: New Topic Crest


I looked at your website.  Your theory regarding the interpretation of the
inscription at Temple is plausible, (looking backward at the existing
facts), but is not unique...  it would be much more convincing if it were a
unique explanation or if it led to new discoveries...  after all, that is
the way most theories are tested.

With regard to uniqueness, it reminds me of a theory regarding astronomical
alignments which was advanced  in the 60's by a splinter group...  In
examining photographs of rich star fields, some observers had noticed that
some of the the stars appeared to be aligned in linear and circular or
elliptical patterns.   The dissidents found "many" such alignments,
concluded that they represented a real phenomenon, and produced a
explanatory theory that would have revolutionized our notions of the
immutability of physics...  Fortunately, someone took the time to do a
detailed and careful statistical analysis of the likelihood of the
occurrence of such alignments.  It turns out that such alignments are very
likely to occur simply due to the random distribution of stars, and so....
the consensus interpretation of physics "survived".

My hunch is that given the uncertainty regarding the inscription's (1)
language, (2) possible alternative acronyms, and (of course) (3) alternate
anagram solutions, there are many many "other" interpretations possible.
It doesn't mean that your interpretation is incorrect. It's simply that your
interpretation's non-uniqueness weakens it terribly.

You asked...

Don't get discouraged....  Since history has by and large been written by
the winners for their own purposes, our understanding of much of what
actually happened is clouded by the mists of time and propaganda.  Looking
for alternative history makes sense, and, although I haven't seen anything
vaguely resembling concrete proof yet, the Zeno / Templar voyage idea is
plausible, and could very possibly be true.  I hope it turns out to be so.


Joe (upstate NY)

jeffnpat wrote:

> Dear Group:
> I have written about many things related to the Sinclairs, and have
> posted them to this group.  For the most part the silence has been
> deafening.

> My website http://www.jnisbet.com has the story of my translation of a
> coded inscription on a stone in Temple, Scotland, that supports a theory
> many of you claim (some passionately so) to believe: that Prince Henry
> St. Clair made a voyage to America almost 100 years before Christopher
> Columbus.