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charts (again)

Dear Marilyn,

I have done all that you said except I can not find anything that says
'form';  what I have donel works well except the lines do not show up
therefore eliminating all chance of  exhibiting just what I am trying to
explain.  If you give me your snail mail address I can send you a copy
and you can see what you can do with it.    Neil

     Descendents of Daniel St. Clair - born17 March, 1759 in Scotland -
came to America in 1771

1         Daniel St. Clair

2         m. Isabella Auchmuty

3 Daniel Jr  Sarah  David  Casper  Lydia  George  Ann  Abraham  Son

4  Isabella  George W.   Matilda  Rebecca  Amelia  Sarah Ann  Jemima

5 Samuel  Henry  Jennette  Infant son  Infant son  Elizabeth  Sady May

6  Abraham  Andrew  William  Clarence  James  John  Isabelle

7 Alice  Zada  Nell  Florence  Eva  Ernest  Ethel  Ralph  Fred  Melvin

8       Neil      Willard

9   Neil Jr  Lee   Margaret  Linden  Donna  Paul  Diana  Ellen

10   Deborah  Kimberly  Christina  Linden II   Alan  Amy

11   Zachery  Cory  Katherine

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