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Re: General response - Templars

One of these groups today  alleges to be the original order, citing a
charter, "Charta Transmissionis, which was drawn up by a Johannes
Marcus Larmenius before  the death of  Jacques de Molay.  The charter,
in short, provided for the transmission of the mastership of the
original order to successors down through the ages.

The "Larmenius Charta" is believed in some quarters to be a bogus
document.  For others, it is a license to carry on the good of the
original order.  A translated version of the charter can be found in
Appendix 2 of Knight and Lomas' "The Second Messiah."


In a message posted to this list on December 8, 2001, CookSLC@aol.com

There are also many, many <revived> Knight Templar groups, some of
which allege they are an order.

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