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Cock fighting

In a recent someone stated the Cock fighting was now illegal.

Cock fighting is still legal in SE Asia, Mexico The Philippines  and parts
of the United States. Arizona, Louisiana, Hawaii and New Mexico and other
states .

Cock fighting was outlawed in England and Wales in 1885 and in Scotland in
Cock fighting is reportedly the world's oldest spectator sport, going back
6,000 years in Persia.
Alexander the Great the night before battle would stage cock fights to
impress upon his soldiers courage and valour. Cock fighting was the national
sport in England until 1850.  Famous American cock oweners have included
George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson,  all who raised and
fought birds.

Fighting roosters fight to the death in cock-fighting derbies. In fact, the
whole exhibition is based upon game cocks not giving up ... fighting to the
death.  It was outlawed in Oregon in 1970, although Oregon still allows
commercial gamefowl breeding operations, which have become a substantial
industry exporting birds to the Philippines, Mexico, and Hawaii.

A leading American breeder Dale Potter is reachable at
dkpotter@oregontrail.net.  His establishment is in Arizona where he raises
about 350 birds.


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