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Re: New Topic Crest

Well, I'm Scandinavian..... and I must say there are a lot of things
believed to bring good luck or fortune to us but I have never ever heard
of a cock bringing anything but trouble..... ;-)

in Sweden (Sweden and Norway was ones a united country)

SusanG1400@aol.com wrote:
> Dear Neil,
>      Since 1995 I have been setting up Clan Sinclair booths at Celtic and
> Scottish festivals in Virginia.  At one of these festivals, someone told me
> that the cock (rooster) is the Scandinavian symbol of good fortune.  A
> Frenchwoman I know told me the cock is the symbol of the Kings of France.
> Since the Sinclairs are half French and half Norwegian Viking it seems to me
> that the cock symbol comes from both Scandinavia (Norway, Denmark and Sweden)
> and France.  I do not know in what year the cock symbol was first used on the
> Sinclair crest.

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