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bin Laden

My understanding  this is the Sinclair Family discussion group. We discuss.

"discussion noun.
argue about, confer about, consider, consult about, debate, deliberate,
examine, put heads together about, speak about, talk about, thrash out,
weigh the pros and cons of, write about. discussion argument, literary
colloquy, confabulation, conference, consideration, consultation,
conversation, debate, deliberation, dialogue, discourse, examination,
exchange of views, powwow, symposium, talk." Copywrite Oxford University

What great input we have had.  Look at Joe Erks  reasonable. I do not agree
with some of his conclusions, but he stands his ground well.  Come let us
reason together. Tim Wallace-Murphy calls for "Reason, Justice and Truth"
but he states that those ideals "have rarely been able to impinge on
prejudice, be it racial, religious, nationalistic or class based"  We must
make the principles reason justice and truth meaningful.

We stand at a crossroads of history. America is envied by many as the
biggest boy on the block it happens.

President George W. Bush shot from the hip. Colin Powell and George Bush
called for War Crimes. Both have now changed their tune. In the light of the
depraved, wicked and immoral act of 11 September emotion compelled us all to
call for vengeance.  Maybe Bush and Powell read the Sinclair family
discussion group and realised that the answer to a degenerate, evil crime
was not another crime.  The group must be part of our International
Strategy. Perhaps after the feelings of grief and outrage calmed they came
to the realisation that losing America values, tearing up the world's oldest
written Constitution with secret trials and star chamber detention was
victory to the evil ones.

America is a great Republic.  America is not a democracy.  It is a republic.
The danger is that in defeating terrorism you lose the basic values that
America stands for.  No one should follow the leader blindly.  The Germans
followed Hitler.  In Jan., 1933, when Adolph Hitler became chancellor of
Germany he had no majority.  New elections were called for 5 March.  On 27
Feb. 1933,  fire destroyed part of the Reichstag building. Hitler accused at
once the Communists of having set the fire. President von Hindenburg
proclaimed a state of emergency and issued decrees suspending among other
thing Freedom of speech and permitting detention without charge on the basis
people's name's alone. The elections gave a bare majority of seats to
Hitler's National Socialists  and their allies, the German Nationalists.

On 23 Mar.  the Enabling Act, which gave the government,  dictatorial
powers. Only the Social Democrats dissented. In the  Reichstag fire trial of
1933, a Dutchman named Marinus van der Lubbe was charged with having set the
fire as part of a Communist plot. Communist leaders, including Georgi
Dimitrov, were charged with complicity. Van der Lubbe was sentenced to
death; the others were found not guilty. In 1934. van der Lubbe was probably

The 11 September is a day that will  go down in disgrace.  We can not and
should not lose the company of free men to defeat any enemy however vile and

Britain has stood with America, French and Polish troops are in Afghanistan.
bin Laden is not the problem, he is the result of the problem. I would love
to hear more ideas and thought of how to solve this problem.  I would like
to know to deal with this terror without destroying our values.  How do free
men live in open societies and guard themselves against criminals and
misguided beasts?

Our national interest may have to be subverted to a greater good.  The light
of liberty emanating from American shores can not and should be
extinguished.  The law must be equal for every man. America must stand
strong and protect, herself, her values and her dreams.

It is the duty and obligation of every free man to keep his mind and his
mouth open.

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