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Ark of the Covenant

Like someone else has already said, the Holy Grail and the Ark of the
Covenant are mysteries or myths. From what little reading I have done on
the subject of the ark, it was carried on a camel and as such was light
enough for such carrying.  Therefore, it was easily worn out/destroyed
from simply being carried about.  Since we are talking about before
written history - what are the real chances that this relic was still
around by the time of the crusades?  By extension, would have existed
after the fighting was finished.  Christians were very gullible (and can
be still) for something of that sort. Did someone sell a 'bill of
goods'?  Stories are nice and make us shiver with expectation - but
reality?  Since this is only veriest edge about Sinclair anything - and
since the latest round on the subject of staying on the subject - I am
at esdemio@att.net if anyone wants to discuss further. regards, Sally

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