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Re: Rosslyn Chapel

It would seem that the very important basic date for the building of Rosslyn
is wrong.  Baron/Jarl WIlliam who buildt the chapel and died in 1484 and
buried in the  Chapel" this is still in the  15th century not the
16th.(Rosslyn: A Short History by Thre Earl of Rosslyn)

"The foundation stone was laid in 1446, the date carved in the masonry being
1450. The chapel is built wholly of stone and took 40 years to complete."
(The Ruined Castles of Midlothian)
    That is quite an historical error!  It should make one wary of the rest
of their information.
No one knows what is under Rosslyn and to claim such knowlege shows
ignorance of the facts.

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>        In the US on "The Learning Channel" on cable television they had a
> show relating to the search for the Lost Ark of the Isrealites.  At the
> of the presentation they covered the Knights Templar and the Chapel at

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