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Re: If You Can't Say Anything Nice.........

Donald, please stand up and take a bow. Very well said, I to have been 
reading and not responding. I keep waiting for laden to be caught to see how 
many people are so afraid that they will actually pat him on the back. I have 
no sympathy for him at all, and it is not for me to forgive, that I leave up 
to God. I am a mother of a police officer, and sister to a police officer and 
a fireman. My Grandfather was a Fire Chief, funny thing is all those that 
laden had killed were in fact the ones who didn't discriminate to what race 
you were, and how much money you made, and who had more of it, they just went 
in the save you life, and if in the process the gave theirs, well so be it, 
it's their motto. I am tired of hearing forgiveness is devine, well it's not, 
if anyone can say they feel better after they have forgiven, They are not 
dealing with the death of a loved one who died in honor of the other persons 
life he was there to save. and to say this is what they would have wanted is 
so ridiculous. As for laden's fate, I leave that to God, as for now I will 
follow the judgement that our President sees fit, that is what we have 
elected him for in the first place, maybe so he can be the judge and we don't 
have to bare that burden.
Sincerely Laura Sinclair
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