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All The Best

>From the book authored by George H. W.  Bush. Page 49 
August 24th. 1944. 
Dear Mum and Dad, Today Romania quit the war, according to press release we 
received. That is indeed a good sign that this phase of the war should be 
over before too long. I hope the guilty receive the treatment they deserve. I 
feel so strongly that the Nazis, fascists, or whatever moniker they use, 
should all be dealt with severely. The leader, those responsible for murder, 
famine, and treachery must be killed. I hope our government and our allies 
act boldly and powerfully and mete out severe but just penalties. If this is 
not done with all the leaders who have collaborated with the Nazis, whether 
they be recognized heads of government or quislings ruling in conquered 
countries, I fear these 4 years of bloodshed will have been for naught.
Ever devotedly, Pop