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Re: Lookout msgs for

Hi Jean,

I received a message from you on Nov. 28th.  The subject was "Re: John
Sinclair"  The attachment area  had : "CARD.DOC.pif (29.0 KB) and also "
ATTOOO43.txt 0 bytes)"  I use Norton Virus Protector an have had no

I tried to reply to your e-mail directly but my message was bounced back.
If you do have any more information on John Sinclair that is in my family
twig, could you please see if you can send it thru the discussion list?

Thanks and hope you and your husband are doing well,
Kathy Sinclair Trappen
Sinclair Oil, OH

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From: "Jean Grigsby" <jgrigsby@bcni.net>
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Sent: Friday, November 30, 2001 5:46 PM
Subject: Re: Lookout msgs for

> Apparently there is a "sicko" out there using my name and also that of
> and  bones in the subjrct line.  I will never send an attachment and will
> never use my name in the subject line.
> Thanks for letting me know.  I received three myself (from the Sinclair

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