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Re: William T. Sherman

Dear Donald

Here is a reference that may help.  I found it from the lead that Ray gave
"As military governor of California, Colonel Richard B. Mason and his
adjutant, Lt.William Tecumseh Sherman of later Civil War fame, made a trip
to Coloma that summer, stopping to celebrate the Fourth of July with John
Sutter at Sutter's Fort. In his subsequent report, Colonel Mason estimated
that about 4000 people were then working in the mines, about half of whom
were Indians. Some $30,000 to $50,000 worth of gold was being gathered every
day, he noted. Mason toured the area with James Marshall, talked to a number
of miners, and actually saw quantities of gold -fourteen pounds of which had
been taken from the North Fork the previous week by Indians working for John
Sinclair, one of Stutter's neighbors." Copyright  1998 Internet Systems
Group and California State Parks:
Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park is a unit of the California
State Park System

Thanks for the help



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