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Re: Matters Sinclair

>I have to get back to you on the Statue of St Paul in the Chapel.
>I'm not sure wehther its because you drew my attention to it, 
>or whether I do see those images myself because they are there...still
>considering it.
>As to your recent question:
>Joseph Lynd asked this question in the masonic discussion group WSCORG.
>...which happened to be "Studies in Masonry",Vol.13, which is the
>of the Victorian (Australia) Lodge of Research when I came upon a 

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

``Nothing authentic is known of his ancestry or kinsfolk, excepting that
his mother was a Sinclair; his father was probably a small farmer.''

Entry on John Knox in the Catholic Encyclopedia.

Considering he was born in the town of Haddington, which is in East Lothian
within a dozen miles of Rosslyn, she easily could have been a Rosslyn Sinclair.

Incidentally, Haddington is a few miles from Athelstaneford, the site
of the Saltire legend.

>I hope to help all those that want to share in the History of 'Sinclair'!
>Now it could be alink through the septs...I'm not sure.

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