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RE: Four freedoms

Sinclair, you should be flattered.  I've only received 3 as of this morning.
I emailed the person that sent me all three.  I suspect that he isn't aware
of the mailings.  I also noted that the email had an underscore preceding
his email address.  Unless the underscore is removed, the email will bounce.

Late Monday I received a warning from McAfee, my virus protection software
provider, regarding a virus that AVERT has raised to High Risk for

It is a good time for everyone to make sure that their virus software is up
to date.  Doesn't do much for wrinkles, however.



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> Subject: Four freedoms
> Since publishing my ideas on bin Laden I have received 7 Virus laden
> messages. 5 from the United States titled 'Hughes de Payen' and
> one from New
> Zealand untitled and one from Australia also untitled.  Perhaps this is in

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